2801 Guilford Ave Baltimore, MD 21218


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Locally grown grains

Freshly milled flour

Long fermentation 



2801 Guilford Ave

Baltimore, MD

Storefront construction is finished but we are unable to open the storefront until further notice. In order to provide you with bread we have reopened subscriptions and are also taking front porch pickup orders.


From the former lead bread baker at Woodberry Kitchen comes a neighborhood bakery dedicated to making the best breads and pastries with the best ingredients from Chesapeake area farms.

Bread subscriptions now available for weekly pickup at 2801 Guilford Ave.

Your Neighbors

We're Maya Muñoz and Russell Trimmer, bakers and owners. We live above our store and are invested in the community because we love Harwood, Charles Village, Baltimore, and the Chesapeake region. We're committed to the future of excellent, accessible food in our city.

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