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From the former lead bread baker at Woodberry Kitchen comes Motzi Bread, a neighborhood bakery dedicated to making the best breads and pastries possible.


We freshly mill our flour on site and use long fermentation to make our breads. All grains are sourced 100% from local farms.

Local Sourcing

We work with regional farms to keep our dollars in the local economy while bringing you the most flavorful and delicious grains that the Chesapeake area has to offer. We collaborate with farmers as they develop varieties and growing  practices that are best suited to this region because the quality of the grains is unparalleled. See here for more information about the local grain movement across the United States.
Heinz Thomet of Next Step Produce | Photo by Raphaelle Lajoie

Fresh Milling

We mill our flour on site to preserve flavor. Our tastebuds recognize foods that satisfy the needs of our body. Flour should be fresh. Your body knows the difference.

Long Fermentation

We use a blend of new and old artisan techniques to bring you tender bread with a crisp crust. This is possible by properly fermenting the dough - often for longer than 24 hours - making the bread more digestible and delicious. 


HaMotzi is Hebrew for the blessing over bread. It is a reminder of all the work required to bring bread to the table as well as a promise of a world in which all are nourished and food abundant. Motzi Bread is dedicated to accessible food and creative solutions to end hunger in Baltimore. No one is turned away.
Poppy in Wheat at Next Step Produce | Photo by Raphaelle Lajoie

Who Are We?

Maya Muñoz and Russell Trimmer are the owners and bakers at Motzi Bread. We live above the bakery space at 2801 Guilford and want to provide the best baked goods possible for our friends and neighbors. Russell led the bread team at Woodberry Kitchen and farmed at Next Step Produce while Maya is a teacher in the Baltimore County schools. 
Photo by Stephanie Shade
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